Знаки ес с переменным сообщением

Знаки ес с переменным сообщением

Several variants are available, from a single axle solar powered amber VMS to a hydraulic trailer with diesel generator and Full Color LED display, with highest luminance according to European standard for roads.
Mobile variable message signs—whether mounted on a trailer or vehicle—using both text and images on a full matrix display, providing timely information where it’s most needed. Variable message boards are easily moved, installed and configurable for a range of applications such as roadworks, events and accidents.

Display & Energy-SavingAmber/RGB Full Color
Programmable text and graphics
Highly visible & long-life led lights
Energy-efficient & silent operation
Auto dimming system

Оборудование и структураDurable & light-weight aluminum signal heads

Heavy duty structural steel mast arm

Wind-loading approved.

Dia 50mm (2”) tow couplings can be towed by most vehicles

Конструкция из горячеоцинкованной стали, антикоррозийная в течение более 20 лет

Система и эксплуатацияFast & efficient one-man setup design

Remote or on-site controlling

Flexible unit programming

Design and plan for new & custom applications

Техническое обслуживание и гарантия2 years quality warranty

Maintenance-free AGM batteries

ПараметрыSolar panel

Diesel generator